A New Era


The Beginning of a New Era

Recently the hosting provider I’ve used for 4 years made the decision to delete shows that hadn’t been updated in several months. This is certainly fair for them to make that decision, but unfortunately I was given no notice and still haven’t heard back from “customer support”.

After debating what to do for the last week, I’ve decided the best approach would be to try and make “lemonade” out of the lemon that has been dealt.

I’m going to be working on new shows to be launched for the fall of 2012. Watch this space for details, I will add an email notification sign up shortly.

I think this is the best way to move forward. Old shows are great for archiving, but I think it would be more interesting to take what I’ve learned and move forward with entirely new material.

The Art of Photography, by far the most popular show is still alive and well and will operate as is during the overhaul.

I have most of the catalogue archived, but I am missing all episodes of the Photography Show. update: I got them now – thank you!!!!

I’ve been making podcasts for various shows for 4 years now. What started as a series of experiments in media turned into 4 successful shows. Certainly the most successful has been the Art of Photography which has continued to exceed anything I ever planned for. I’ve met some amazing people and gotten to go speak and work in some amazing places. Holga Projects are currently bringing people together with a common passion for making pictures. For all of this I am very grateful and I thank you for watching.

I make all of these shows for the love of the subject. I have a full time day job at a prominent art museum where I produce media and I do these because I love teaching.

When I started The Public Broadcast it was done on an absolute zero budget using a borrowed camera and free hosting. It is now time to grow the show and figure how to take this to a new level.

Gratefully yours,

Ted Forbes
April 15, 2012